Small baby, big surprise!

RATHER NO PICTURES FOR THIS POST, I decided, with sensitive viewers in mind.

Let's be honest, most of us are, will or have been parents of newborns. Poop is real. Runny newborn poop is part of your life as a parent. (Butternut soup isn't your favourite food during this time.)

I had 2 babies who decided early in life to only poop ONCE every 5 to 10 days for a few months. (Dr Google said it's normal...) With my first, I used both cloth and disposable nappies during the first few months. When baba pooped in the "best" disposable on the market, or any disposable... He was covered in poop, from his neck to his feet sometimes.

With my third baby, I have no desire at all to use disposable nappies... And do we have "poopsplotions" with a jelly rolled flat in an origami fold? Never in 4 months. Baby is now 4 months old.

So today was the day. Flat cloth nappy contained it all miraculously. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. It was bigger than big. How could all that be inside this little body, I thought surprised.

It went through 22 layers of the nappy's fabric, with a puddle of poop inside the nappy when I opened it...
But NOTHING leaked out of the nappy. I didn't have to wash clothes, a pram, bedding, myself (or visitors).

The waterproof nappy cover over the flat wasn't even dirty at the leg elastics, only a bit at the back elastic. The flat nappy itself contained it all to not leak at the legs because it was jelly rolled. With multiple fabric layers rolled snugly around each leg, it did the job excellently. This is only 1 reason why flats are better for newborns than other types of cloth nappies. Although any cloth nappy is better than a disposable, I had the best success with flats to contain enormous poops without leaking!

Cloth nappies for the win!!! SPECIFICALLY FLATS!!!

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