Small baby, big surprise!

RATHER NO PICTURES FOR THIS POST, I decided, with sensitive viewers in mind.Let's be honest, most of us are, will or have been parents of newborns. Poop is real. Runny newborn poop is part of your life as a parent. (Butternut soup isn't your favourite food during this time.)I had 2 babies who decided early in life to only poop ONCE every 5 to 10 days for a few months. (Dr Google said it's normal...) With my first, I used both cloth and disposable nappies during the first few months. When baba pooped in the "best" disposable on the market,...

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Cloth nappies?!?!? Never ever, I thought.

Five years ago we lived happily, waiting with excitement on the arrival of our firstborn. I was pregnant and simply overexcited, especially in a baby shop. We bought baby stuff, stocked up on disposable nappies and wet wipes... Till one day my husband said: "Why not use cloth nappies? Let's use cloth nappies." I was shocked. I was disgusted. I had no words. I stood there staring at him, thinking he just lost his mind. Images of white square nappies with poop went through my head. I was totally against that silly idea.Little did I know. Little did I know...

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